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I want this pretty badly hey.

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I could not AGREE more.

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- clik


what's your view on feminism
- Anonymous

My view on feminism… hrrrm… look, I wouldn’t say I have been heavily involved in any of that… Power to women though, BUT - I do strongly believe that women could not survive without men (not saying that we are dependent on them [I’m about to get some backlash from my gay friends here]…), in the way that if there were only women on this planet, we’d all be dead. Women are such jealous, hateful little creatures, we’d kill each other off. Men just keep that balance. And I personally think it’s all good the way it is… Forgive me if I have offended…

if you were single , I would totally ask you out for a date #hubbahubba
- Anonymous

I’m flattered, thank you :)


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